About Us

Charles Wood, the renowned musician and composer, was born at 11 Vicars' Hill, Armagh in 1866 and received his early musical education as a chorister in the cathedral opposite his home. He later studied at the Royal College of Music and became a Professor there before succeeding Stanford, that other fine Irish musician and composer, as Professor of Music at Cambridge University. When Wood died in 1926 he left behind a legacy of over 250 sacred works plus a large number of hymn tunes. His other compositions include songs, music for Greek plays and chamber music but it is largely for his sacred music that he is remembered today.

The objectives of the Festival and Summer School are:

  • To promote the music of Charles Wood and his association with Armagh
  • To provide opportunities for people to develop and enhance skills associated with music in worship
  • To present programmes of music to the highest achievable standard within both a concert and liturgical context


The Festival and Summer School is organised by a voluntary committee:

Anne Boylan (Vice Chairperson) Robert Cardwell
Ann Cassidy Elise Crean (Secretary)
Dean Gregory Dunstan Eleanor Flack (Assistant Treasurer)
William Greenaway Ian Keatley
Canon Michael Kennedy Patricia McAllister (Treasurer)
Maria McGilly Sylvia McRoberts
Roger Nesbitt Rodney Spence
Fiona Terrins Rev Dr Peter Thompson
Richard Yarr (Chairperson)

A copy of our child protection policy may be downloaded here.