Rules and conditions (Senior Class)

Rehearsals with the official Competition Accompanists will take place in Armagh on Friday 13th March from 9.30am-1.30pm. Each competitor will be allocated 20 minutes during this time and should therefore be free and available in Armagh on the morning of Friday 13th March. Finalists will have a further opportunity to rehearse for 30 minutes each on Saturday 14th March from 2.30-5pm.

The competition is administered by the Committee of the Charles Wood Festival and Summer School. The Committee reserves the right to amend the rules as it deems necessary.

The decision of the Jury is final. No correspondence will be entered into. It is possible that prizes may not be awarded if an appropriate standard is not met.

The first prize winner is not eligible to compete in subsequent competitions. 

Entries must be accompanied by the full entry fee and no accepted entry fee will be refunded. Payment can only be made by cheque. We regret that we do not have credit card facilities.

Any instructions given by the Committee must be strictly observed.

The competition shall be open for the public to attend on Saturday 14th March and the use of cameras, video cameras and sound recorders during the competition is prohibited.

Each applicant in this category is required to submit a performance recording not exceeding 10 minutes. It must include a performance of a German song and any other work(s) of choice. This recording should be emailed with the competition application form and your pieces should be clearly listed.

If shortlisted, two copies of each piece must be made available to the Competition Administrator no later than two weeks prior to the competition. Responsibility for obtaining the necessary permission to copy music rests with the competitor.

A performance time not exceeding 15 minutes for the semi-final and 20 minutes for the final must be strictly observed. The Charles Wood song should be selected from the four provided on our website. Breaches may cause disqualification.

The order of performance will be decided by a draw, conducted by the Committee.

Applications close on Friday 7th February 2020 at 2pm.

We will be happy to suggest accommodation to all competitors when application forms are received.